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Moving in Washington DC

Our hectic lives and busy schedule in Washington DC give us little time to prepare for a move and all the details it entails. You need to plan a move, but are you wondering if you should hire professionals or move alone? Furniture Experts Movers stands up by your side

in Washington DC; Every year, many people improvise themselves as movers ... Obviously, you can organize and make your move yourself. But is it worth it? Is it to your advantage? Aren't you giving yourself too much trouble for something that a mover would do by shouting scissors, or can you take care of everything easily?

It is essential to properly evaluate the issue to make the decision that is right for you. And when you opt for moving services, you obviously have to choose your moving company carefully. Solutions are available to you to make your life easier and move in the blink of an eye.

Hiring movers to get a turnkey service can be a great idea. Some remarkable advantages of this service include:

1. Saving time

If you run out of time, it may be wise to use a moving company. Indeed, a professional company will save you time and energy.

Even though you may still have to supervise the moving team, be present on the day of your departure, you will not have to get involved. So you'll be able to open your boxes, clean up your new nest and quietly put things in places you want peace of mind without being stressed.

2. The equipment

Furniture Experts Movers Professional movers are already fully equipped to undertake all the tasks and all the challenges that a move can entail in Washington DC. No corridor is too small, no couch or fridge is too big to overcome our patience. We know how to transport boxes safely, without damaging your home. We benefit from adequate equipment to carry out all types of projects, including:

•    Straps;

•    Devils;

•    Trolleys;

•    Ramps;

•    Cover and equipment to protect your belongings;

•    Trucks.

As a result, when calling Furniture Experts Movers, you will save on renting or buying these sometimes expensive tools.

3. Insurance for the move

Professional movers cover the risks associated with the move, for example, theft or breakage of objects. When using a moving company, it is important to first inquire about this aspect of the service ; if requesting full service. This is also convenient when you have valuable furniture and equipment!

4. The truck

Movers are used to driving large trucks over long distances. In Washington DC, A move is enough of a hassle that we do not want to add a collision or a more serious accident with the moving truck.

If you plan to rent a truck, know that you will:

•    Have a permit in hand allowing you to drive the heavy vehicle that you rented;

•    Find out about the laws and regulations that govern the driving and rental of these vehicles;

•    Find out about the insurance you will need on the day of the move, whether it should be a problem with the truck, on the road or when you are parked;

•    Provide spaces, at your departure point and at your destination, where you can park the truck. 

Perhaps you will have to ask your municipality to lend you some signs that you will have to install in these places to ensure you have an adequate, secure and sufficiently large space.

Once again, by hiring a professional and credible moving company, you will avoid all the worries of renting a heavy vehicle

In conclusion, as seen in the advantages highlighted above, engaging the services of a professional moving company in Washington DC is important. As a result, Furniture Experts Movers have come to the rescue!

At Furniture Experts Movers, our professional and efficient high-end service allows you to take full advantage of this important moment and lighten up the task according to your needs, your budget and your availability. Turnkey, tailor-made, short or long-term furniture movement, Furniture Experts Movers has the answer to everything.